Byron Burgers / The Wellington / Deliveroo

One of the things I love about Deliveroo (and I do love you, Deliveroo. I love you very, very much) is the ability to make a complex evening significantly easier. I have talked in the past about slipping past overpriced set menu’s on Valentine’s Day, and I’ve mentioned avoiding the crowds in Moseley’s beloved Damascena. But what about when you’re in the city centre, and you’ve had two, no three, maybe four too many beers and the place you had intended to go is rammed to the point of queues? Step forward The Wellington. Step forward Deliveroo. I have been rescued once again.


I’ll keep this one short-ish as I’ve already written about my opinion of Byron Burger. I think it’s the second best burger in the city, and that is high praise when you know who the first one is. They do proper patties from aged beef, served pink, in buns that don’t fall apart in the hands. We order a Byron burger that succeeds in showcasing the quality of the patty, a Smokey which is fast becoming a favourite of mine with the slightly hot bbq sauce, and the Kimcheese.  Let me tell you about that Kimcheese.  It’s apparently a special, though if they ever remove it I will riot.  That I promise.  On to the beef goes an addictive mess of fiery Gouchuchang sauce,  a nutty mayonnaise (seasame oil??), crispy onions, cheese, and fermented cucumber.  It is unbelievably good.  It’s also still down a shirt of mine, though that is another story.

Sides come in the way of macaroni cheese with the gooiest of sauces, fries, and ribbons of lightly battered courgette.  All were lovely.  Yes, I know, the pictures are rubbish.  Deal with it.  We were starving, it was dark, and if I’d held on to the food a second longer I was in risk of a public lynching.

The food arrived in under twenty five minutes, which I can tell you is quicker than I have been served inside Byron on occasion.  A nice man phoned me to tell me he was outside the pub, I stopped playing darts and went and collected it.  Eat food, drink beer.  Finish food, resume darts.  And all in one of the best pubs in Birmingham.  With The Wellingtons open policy for bringing food inside their premises, I can see this option for dinner being used time and time again.

Deliveroo supplied some of the credit for this meal.  I paid for the rest because I’m good like that. 

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