Gaucho, via Deliveroo

Look at that beef.  Just look at it.  It’s as beautiful a cut of bovine as your house plates are ever likely to see. It’s a last moment for an animal that lives in the wild on a diet better than mine, the finest produce that Argentina offers, wet aged in a vac bag so that it travels the breadth of the world to these shores in optimum condition.  It cuts with ease using an aged butter knife to reveal a perfect medium rare.  It yields no chew at all.  The meat is all cow and length of flavour.

This isn’t going to be a difficult post to write, nor is it going to be a long one.  I posted about Gaucho a couple of months back when I said it was the best steak in the city.  Now, on a sunny afternoon in the city centre, a friend and I have decided to order a steak supper via Deliveroo in to his office for a pre-gig dinner with a couple of continental cans for good measure.  It’s a solid decision.

We keep it simple; a fillet and a burger to share.  Some fat chips, some skinny chips.  Of the latter chip war the winner is the thinner, the skinny ones more evenly cooked through than the slightly erratic chunkier option.  The fillet is a thing of beauty, as detailed much earlier on.  A burger is one of the better in the city – loosely packed with high quality meat.  It has good cow flavour, cooked to a slight pink, with the brioche bun just about holding it together.  At fifteen quid it’s steep, but there is a substantial feed here.

With that burger at that price, and steaks ranging from £17.50 – £44.00, a Gaucho Deliveroo is never going to be an every night option.  And for once I’ll pass judgement on how often it is worthy of your time, as I appreciate that these prices are not for everyone’s budget.  But for us, sat in an empty city centre office with a four pack of Amstel, it was the perfect option without the faff of wine lists or overzelous waiters.  We ate the best beef in Brum from the comfort of our own environment, and trust me, it was so very good.

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