Meat and One Veg is the multi-award winning restaurant blog from me, Simon Carlo.

It was around fifteen years ago that I visited Jessica’s in Birmingham off the back of a Jay Rayner review. It changed everything. Instantly I realised there was more to life than an extra hot Nandos and starting looking for the best places to eat.

This restaurant blog, established in the summer of 2014, is a journey that has extended out of Birmingham, into the rest of the UK, and occasionally further afield. One which covers everything from the cheapest eats to the world's best restaurants. It has gone on to be recognised as an authoritative voice on the best places to eat whilst gaining notoriety for its brutally honest opinions. I get a telling off from my father at least once a month.

Being immersed in hospitality has allowed me to build strong relationships within the industry and has ultimately allowed me to leave my nine-to-five and forge a career as a published writer and consultant.

The blog and newsletter is here to provide a platform for the best in food and drink, along with exclusive news and content.

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