About Me

It was around twelve years ago that I visited Jessica’s in Birmingham off the back of a Jay Rayner review. It changed everything. Instantly I realised there was more to life than an extra hot Nando’s and starting looking for the best places to eat. A journey that has extended out of Birmingham, into the rest of the country, and occasional further afield than that.

And now look I have become. A grumpy thirty-something with a large belly to feed. I eat out a lot and I happen to have an opinion on everything. It’s an opinion that sometimes gets me in to trouble. And I swear too much. Sorry, Mom.

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably read the crap that I take the time to write. And for that I thank you. Honestly, I do. I started this blog as a means of recording the fine meals that we have. Eating out is our hobby, I really never thought that anyone would read this, so the fact that people do pleases me immensely.

Feel free to get in touch at simoncarlo@hotmail.co.uk


  1. I think your blog is very much in the same vein as mine, albeit yours is far superior. I just like to record my adventures in and around Birmingham. Hopefully our paths shall cross in real life too.

  2. Why haven’t I seen this blog before, love the independent recommendations. Please keep this going and thank you.

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