I’m frequently asked where the best places are to eat breakfast in the city. Here are my Top 5 breakfasts to be had in Birmingham.

1 – McDonalds, Temple Street.

Like your McMuffin with a view of pigeons? This is your one. Compact, and therefore a hot table, better get here early to bag one.

2 – McDonalds, New Street.

The gateway to Grand Central, this Maccie’s defies gravity by being on a ramp, yet feeling like you are on a flat surface. A trick of the mind not even weirdo Derren Brown could muster.

3 – McDonalds, Bristol Rd.

Yes, it is another McDonald’s. No, it’s not a an ad, I’m just really loving the delicious food from this considerate and lovely multinational who not only pay influencers well, but promptly on time. This is a good McDonalds often overlooked because of its drive through. The restaurant is really beautiful.

4 – McDonalds, Olten.

The posh one. Although in the McDonalds universe there is no such thing as a posh one, given that each branch is intended to reach out to the same customer base, with the same great, affordable food. I go here for the organic coffee, and the sausage patties made from free range, British, pork.

5 – McDonald’s, Quinton

Fans of the extremely charitable McDonald’s will know this to be the one with the best service. It’s really quite something from a business who really look after their employees, whether full time or freelance. Why not make your breakfast healthy by switching out the hash brown for a bag of carrots? Because you’re not a moron, that’s why.